Tooth Filling

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are used when a tooth has cracked or when caries or some other disease has caused a cavity in a tooth.

For your choice we offer the latest type of plastic fillings, where you can select different grades of white, opaque level, what dentin/enamel properties and brand you prefer.

We try to match the surrounding teeth as much as possible. This will of course have an impact on the choice also. For instance, if the repair is more substantial, for a larger area, we recommend porcelain fillings, since these are more longterm resistant against abrasion.

For several reasons we do not use metal fillings or more precise amalgam fillings. There is still research being made on the risk of using amalgam fillings.

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Although the risk is low with fillings orally due to the small amounts of amalgam, it is still a fact that amalgam contains mercury which can affect the brain and the nerve system in a free form. Since amalgam is still used in the community, it will eventually reach the human body through the food in the cycle of nature. Keeping this in mind and also considering the poor aesthetic look plus a need for a removal of major dental substance to hold the fillings, makes the choice easy to not use it.

Another factor guiding our choice is the corrosion factor. Amalgam fillings will by time expand, causing fractures of the tooth parts surrounding the fillings. Our recommendation is therefore always to exchange old amalgam fillings for plastic or porcelain fillings before the tooth will start cracking. Your choice of a plastic or porcelain filling will immediately improve your looks.