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Straight teeth, cheap with LiteWire

Many adults wish they had straighter teeth or a more ”perfect” smile. Unfortunately lots of them never were offered orthodotic treatment as a child or maybe they declined treatment themselves. Most adults do not like the idea of going through a couple of years with metal brackets on their teeth and therefore they never recieve treatment.

If you as an adult wish to correct your teeth for cosmetic reasons meaning you do not have any functional issues with your bite then LiteWire may be the solution. Here you can straighten all the teeth you show when you smile and that just in a few months!
LiteWire works almost like traditional metal brackets and wires but the brackets are transparent and the wire toothcolored so the aesthetics are much better. Besides the treatment does not require anything on the back of the teeth so it does not affect the speech. Believe it or not but one of our patients told us than not one of the members of her family noticed any difference in the way she looked or spoke and that was on the same day she had LiteWire put on her teeth.
LiteWire is invented and produced in Denmark and in a few months (normally 4-6 months) the teeth can be repositioned.We just need to see you once a month to change the wire and make sure the treatment is progressing as desired.
So if you feel like finally doing something about those crooked incisors or spiky canines and you believe a big orthodontic treatment or veneers may be the only solution you have stop by and have a chat with us about LiteWire. It might be the right solution for you!

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