The price should not stand in the way! We always try our best to give you the best treatment possible that fits your budget.

Composite fillings
Small molar, 2 surfaces875 DKK
Large molar, 2 surfaces1.100 DKK
Small molar, 3 surfaces1.150 DKK
Large molar, 3 surfaces1.500 DKK
2 bleaching trays incl. whitening gel3.300 DKK
Crowns and bridges
Zirkoniumcrown5.900-6.900 DKK
Incisor Crown5.900-6.900 DKK
Bridge 3 part17.000-20.000 DKK
Implant10.000 DKK
Implant crown9.000 DKK
Implant + crown19.000 DKK
Surgical bone regeneration4.000-8.000 DKK
Implant consultation excl. X-rayFree
Root canal treatment
1 channel1.300 DKK
2 channel2.100 DKK
3 channel2.900 DKK
4 channel3.700 DKK
Prices are excl. X-rays and filling
Surgical removal of tooth950-2.105 DKK
Prices are excl. X-rays and filling
Hard grindingblock3.300 DKK
Soft grindingblock1.500 DKK
Tooth jewellery300 DKK + price of jewellery
Standard jewellery150 DKK (Swarovski-stone 1,8mm)
Injection275 DKK
Treatment Estimates excl. X-rayFree
Missed appointment without cancellation 24h before the treatment275 DKK
Blegning af 1 kæbe1.700kr
Blegning af 2 kæber3.300kr
Helprotese pr. kæbe7.000kr
Wax up700kr