Emergency dentist Oesterbro

Emergency dentist Østerbro

Emergency dentist Østerbro at Østerport station, Oslo Plads 8 Copenhagen.
TandCity is a new started (July 2014) dentist clinic in Copenhagen, Østerbro,
with attractive opening hours, no unnecessary transport time and excellent dental
care of top Quality.

At TandCity we offer all kind af dental treatments when you have the need and the time. We are available regardless you have a acute problem or a acute pain and we will be your regular dentist with pleasure.

It is important for us that all our patients feel secure and safe when they visit us, and we allways offer a proffesionel and curative treatment. Furthermore we have a special focus on our patients with dental phobia, and we allways strive to provide a careful experience.

When an emergency occurs simply contact us, and we will do everthing we can to help you as soon as possible with the highest level of professionalism and competence from our staff.

Your emergency dentist Copenhagen!

Få en akut tandlægetid på Østerbro – TandCity