Dental Fear

Dental Fear

A lot of people skip their dental appointments. Many people have not seen the dentist for years and most of them tell us the same stories: They have dental fear.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people with dental fear. Normally it is experiences in the past which build up the high anxiety. They remember a treatment as a child which was painful or felt like an abuse and they’ll do anything to avoid that same experience. Not until the pain is too much they will see the dentist. Unfortunately waiting will not make the treatment any easier and most of the times it will also get more expensive.

We have seen many patients with dental fear who after treatment by us are more confident and secure to come back. Sadly, when the fear is deeply rooted it almost never completely vanishes. However, at TandCity we can make it easier for you with different treatment options.

First of all we always work calm and gentle in a pleasant environment. We explain and prepare you for every new step. Whenever you feel too stressed or scared we pause or terminate the treatment. Some days are better than others, we know that. We are here to help you; if the anxiety is overwhelming we will not proceed. If you just want to talk we promise not to start treatment. You decide no matter what. We can always give you an estimate of the price and the time you need to spend. For most patients it all comes down to trust and we need to establish a good relationship. Tell us about your fear. Is it the fear of pain? The feeling of being powerless? Or do you fear losing your teeth? The more we know the better we can help you, and remember – dentists are also humans! Even though you don’t like us we would love to give you the best treatment.