Ceramic crowns / bridges

Ceramic crowns / bridges

Sometimes a tooth is so weakened that we cannot do a filling but recommend a crown. Big old amalgam fillings are often the issue. The fillings expand slowly over time and it is not uncommon to see a fracture in one of these teeth. Sometimes we can do a tooth colored filling instead but if the loss of tooth structure is too big a crown can be the only solution.

We do all our crowns in all-ceramic. Older artificial crowns were made of a metal core with a layer of ceramic outside but then the ceramic could chip off and esthetically that solution often left the appearance of a grey color near the gingiva. With a crown in all-ceramic the esthetic result is perfect and you’ll get the optimal appearance of the surrounding gums. Important to know is that our all-ceramics are made as one- piece ceramics. Here the ceramics can never be chipped off.

So if you have a large decay, a fractured tooth or a root filling we recommend the permanent solution to be an artificial ceramic crown.

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The surrounding teeth act like posts and support the bridge construction. Because the crowns are connected to each other in one segment, the construction is very strong. And the bridge is also made in all-ceramic.  Nobody can tell that you are missing a tooth and the surrounding teeth are now protected with crowns which can be the perfect solution if they also had big fillings before.

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All-ceramic crowns and bridges are also used when you have implants. They are fixed onto the implantspermanently with screws.

What do you do if we cannot safe your tooth or you are already missing a tooth?  If an implant is not an option we recommend a bridge. A bridge is a unit of crowns where the gap from the missing tooth is filled with a hanging crown.