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We use cookies for the following purposes:

Technical Functionality – It is important for us that you get the best experience when using our site, and therefore we save your preferences.
Traffic Measurement – By measuring the traffic that is on our site, we know how many visitors we have. It’s important so we can make sure our servers can keep traffic, and at the same time we can document it to any advertisers
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We use cookies for the above purposes. A cookie consists of a text file that is stored in your browser. It aims to recognize the device you visit our site with – and remember how you acted last time you visited our site. We do not store any personal information and they can not contain viruses.
2.1 How long do we store cookies?
A cookie is deleted by itself after a certain number of months has elapsed. Every time you visit our site, the expiration date will be renewed.

2.2 How do I delete cookies?
See instructions here:

2.3 How do I avoid cookies?
See instructions here:

2.4 What cookies are used on our website?
We collect data so we can track statistics on how many people visit our site, so we Can ensure that our servers can stick to it. At the same time, we collect information about gender, age and geography, so we can build a broader understanding of our target group, thereby offering a better product and better service.

2.5 Traffic measurement through Google Analytics
We use cookies from Google Analytics so we can measure how much traffic is available on our website.

If you want to opt out of cookies from Google Analytics, please click here:

How we use personal information
You will never be given personal information to third parties unless you give a very specific and explicit commitment to this. We will never collect personal information unless you have provided us with the information in connection with a registration, purchase or participation in a survey.

3.1 Protection of personal data
According to the Personal Data Act, personal information must be kept confidential and secure. The personal information is stored on computers with limited access and they are located in facilities with increased control. The security measures are checked continuously so that we are confident that our user information is handled properly and taking into account the rights you have as a user. However, we can not guarantee 100% security for data transfers over the Internet. There will always be a risk associated with this if other unauthorized persons gain access to your information. Thus, it is your sole responsibility to disclose your personal information.

Due to the increasing rate of internet development, there may be a need to change in our processing of personal data. Therefore, we need to reserve the right to update and modify the current guidelines for processing personal data. However, we will always disclose any corrections – they will be available on this page if changes occur.

According to the Personal Data Act, you have the right to get information about which personal data can be assigned to you. It appears that the information processed about you through this page is incorrect or misleading. You are entitled to require them to be deleted or blocked. You can at any time require your information to be deleted. You may revoke your consent at any time, if desired. You also have the opportunity to complain about the processing of your information as well as data. The complaint must be filed with the Data Inspectorate (see section 58, subsection 1 of the Personal Data Act)

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