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Trios intraoral scanner

Look forward to a comfortable and fast treatment At TandCity we offer you a treatment with the in-the-mouth scanner TRIOS® 3, that accurately captures a complete image of your teeth in 3D. The dentist smoothly glides the scanner over your teeth, rapidly creating an accurate impression digitally in 3D. The results are immediately sent to […]

Bestil tid online

Straight teeth, cheap with LiteWire

Many adults wish they had straighter teeth or a more ”perfect” smile. Unfortunately lots of them never were offered orthodotic treatment as a child or maybe they declined treatment themselves. Most adults do not like the idea of going through a couple of years with metal brackets on their teeth and therefore they never recieve […]

Dentist in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a dentist in Copenhagen, which is centrally located, has open when you are free and that offers favorable prices and a high professional level – then you have found the right one! We perform everything from regular dentistry like dental cleanings, composite fillings, root canals and implantology, but we are […]