Braces Copenhagen

Sometimes your smile is not how you want it to be. Perhaps your teeth are crowded or you have too much space between them and maybe you have an overjet that bothers you. When we talk about orthodontic treatment people often start thinking about braces and surgery and treatments that might take years to finish. If you Need major changes to your occlusion that can still be an option but if your problem is more esthetically than functional we can offer other choices.

Invisalign i København – TandCity

At TandCity we offer 3 different treatments: Inman Aligner, Invisalign and LiteWire. They can all be used to change the position of the front teeth rather quickly.

Tandregulering med Invisalign behandling af alle typer tænder-TandCity

Invisalign are an amount of transparent aligners you wear 20-22 hours every day and change every/every second week. This treatment is almost invisible. The teeth will slowly move as the shape of the aligners changes so the result is rather predictable.

LiteWire are our latest treatment and are of Danish origin. It is very familiar to braces but the brackets are made in tooth colored ceramic and the wire is also white which minimize the esthetic concern during treatment. This is a very fast solution and in less than 6 months most smiles can be changed. Furthermore it doesn’t affect the way you speak during treatment and is therefore very easy to cope with.

At TandCity we will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Let us guide you through the different options so you choose the right solution. Our goal is not to make every smile look the same but to make all people smile.