Bone Building / Sinus lift

Bone Building / Sinus lift

As we grow older, the sinus grows, creating a loss of bone left between the floor of the sinus and the top of the ridge.

This distance can diminish to the point that it turns impossible to place dental implants and a need to perform a bone augmentation procedure or a sinus lift may arise.

The bone building can, if a small bone loss, be made at the same time as the dental implant, or, if a larger bone loss, before the dental implant. Today we use mostly Bio-Oss as bone building material.

A “Sinus Augmentation” is a more advanced procedure, whereby we cut a window into the bony cheek side wall of the sinus. Once this is done, the dentist will gently lift the sinus membrane off the sinus floor, until a bone graft can be placed under the lifted membrane. This bone graft will then turn into artificial bone in a timespan of 6-24 months.

A bone augmentation is usually done for bigger lifts and a sinus lift procedure for smaller lifts.